School Motto

Freemen with Christian Belief

Belief in God means having faith in and making a commitment to the plan for human life that He has revealed through the scriptures (i,e. the Bible). It involves love and concern for one's family, neighbors, and the nation as well as the conviction that all things are possible under God's guidance and inspiration.

At its best, work is a calling from God that brings forth creative expression and opportunities to serve others. It is also the crucible within which tomorrow's pioneers and leaders are formed.

Freedom is a hallmark of the spirit of Christianity. When human beings enjoy indepen-dence, they are able to take the initiative and behave as responsible members of society.

Bong-Soo Lee
Founder. Shin-Il Educational Foundation

Educational Purpose

  • Nurturing talented people who can contribute to the welfare of humanity
  • Expanding lifelong learning opportunities for all people regardless of age or geographical location

Educational Goal

  • Nurturing creativity and leadership for the 21st century knowledge-based society
  • Preparing students for participation in today's globalized society
  • Providing customized, student-centered educational programs
  • Pursuing academic excellence by delivering high quality educational content with the latest IT infrastructure


This logo contains the letter "A," or "Alpha," from the Greek alphabet.
It also combines the Chinese characters "人" and "一", which are taken from "信一" (i.e. Shin Il). The result is a symbol that represents the educational ideals of the Shin Il Educational Foundation: commitment, quality and achievement inspired and undergirded by faith.