Message from the President

Welcome to Seoul Cyber University.

As a post-secondary institution that is firsmly committed to lifelong learning, we're open to everyone who is interested in a frist-rate education, especially those who desire the challenge of pursuing a second career.

On behalf of our faculty, staff and student body, I sincerely welcome you to Seoul Cyber University, a leader in the new paradigm for 21st century education.

Many call this the century of the 'knowledge-based society'. In such a milieu, as thecreation, combination and reproduction of knowledge become more and more important, creativity and comprehensive thinking are indispensable. Inasmuch as it has become increasingly necessary to cultivate these qualities in contemporary men and women, there is no doubt that an era of ever-continuing study has come upon us.

We also acknowledge the 21st century as being 'the global era'. Therefore, Seoul Cyber University is expanding global education exchange by participating in cooperative programs with many renowned domestic and international universities. The Entrepreneurship Certificate Program and the Project Management Program, which have recently been co-developed and are co-administered with Jones International University, a renowned American online educational institution, are part of the educational program recommended by experts in this age of globalization.

As Seoul Cyber University celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, we're offering an excellent educational service structure including great faculty who have graduated from top Korean and international universities, diverse high-quality lectures, the development of unique lectures to assist learning efficiency, and high-tech solutions that have become the pride of SCU. Our school has suggested a model for cyber education in order to help everyone nationwide pursue professional education in six areas and 19 departments. As a result of these continued efforts, we were selected as Korea's 'Best Cyber University' in a comprehensive evaluation conducted by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology in 2007. Furthermore, SCU was acknowledged as a comprehensive university in 2009, according to the 'Higher Education Act'.

This year we will continue with larger investments than ever before so that we can offer the best possible educational experience while also launching our new graduate school program.

Fully one in four students at Seoul Cyber University has a job in their chosen field, with one in five achieving professional status. Our doors are always open to those who aspire to a second career as an internationally prepared talent in today's knowledge-based society. So think about how SCU might help open the doors to the future and make a difference in your life - then don't hesitate to contact us.

Again, we welcome all of you. Thank you.