Vision 2022

Education of Professionalism

• Implementation of undergraduate studies
• Improvement of Liberal Arts Courses and Strengthening Liberal Arts Education
• Improvement of Tutor Support System
• Advancement of Evaluations
• Development of multi-language support

Leading Research

• Improvement of faculty selection system
• Recruit of high quality faculty
• Improvement of performance evaluation for faculty
• Improvement of research assistance system
• Advancement of research management

Raising Students’ Satisfaction

• Reinforcement of scholarships
• Launching and operating career coaching program
• Strengthening a student-oriented program for their learning curve
• Implanting Facilitated Mentoring
• Expanding an assistance for students’ cultural event

Diversifying Admissions

• Recruiting promising brains
• Establishing new departments and majors to diversify the channel for
• Recruiting overseas Koreans and foreign students

Sustainable Management

• Creating capacity to achieve university developmental plan
• Advancement of human resource management
• Stable Financial Management
• Administration of responsibility and autonomy

Management Innovation

• Strengthening self-growth program for employees
• Establishment of good benefits for employees’ satisfaction
• Building smart work system
• Infrastructure for branding SCU

Future Information Infrastructure

• (ONE-STOP) Assistance
• Establishment of (Q-MIS)
• Expanding e-Library
• Advancement of information security system