Campus Life

Korea’s Biggest Offline Campus among Cyber Universities as large as 16,000㎡

Along with the size of 16,000 ㎡ (=172,000 ft 2 ), the biggest in Korea's Cyber Universities, we are equipped with intelligent campus infrastructure through which direct communications of faculty-student and student-student become flexible. The actual campus is composed of the Main building and Research building – a four-story building has many functional rooms such as faculty rooms, a conference room supporting three multi-language translation, mid- and large sized Classrooms for seminars and lectures, Tchaikovsky performing hall with state-of-the-art facilities, Ballet room with ergonomic natural lights , library collecting more than ten thousand books, cafeteria and other learning and cultural spaces in which anyone can enjoy.




Production Studios for FULL HD Multimedia Content

Beginning with seven studios producing full HD content, we now are running twelve mid- and large sized studios. With its large size of 117 ㎡ (=1,270 ft 2 ), each studio has three full HD cameras, a large desk for discussions in class, and blackboard and full Chroma wall for 3D VR so every kind of video content production is possible. In such, we proudly present our best studio with the most advanced technology and its large size and quantity as well as with high work efficiency to all SCU students.

Not only that, we are using CMS, an integrated content management system which automatically functions to store and organize files, and edit and modify content, saving a ton of time of producing as well as enhancing the quality of content.