Faculty of Social Welfare

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The Department of Social Welfare and Services aims to nurture social work practitioners who possess a complete and mature understanding of contemporary society. As more people live longer and the birthrate continues to fall, demands upon the social welfare and services system are changing. We are responding to these trends by offering a wide range of basic and advanced social work courses which prepare our graduates to deal with complex needs in diverse human service settings. A variety of on-site experiences at welfare institutions and facilities supplements our academics, adding a practical, hands-on dimension. Furthermore, mechanisms have been established by which students share their experiences with and learn from each other. Society is changing rapidly during the present age. We are committed to keeping up with this reality by developing new courses and field work opportunities as necessary.

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Today’s social service agencies increasingly depend on well qualified managers when the efficient delivery of services is critical. Creative and resourceful leaders are in high demand as such organizations strive to offer appropriate programs in a wide variety of settings. SCU’s Department of Social Welfare Management is focused on training people who can meet this demand. A combination of high-quality courses and on-the-job training prepares students well for careers in this field.

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Child welfare plays an important role in today's society as to say that the level of Child welfare is an indicator of development of the society. With the belief that children should be respected and supported by both in healthy families and society, SCU's Department of Child Welfare is focused on training people who can meet the belief. The department includes Child and Family Welfare, Child Welfare Policy, Child and Family Counseling, Child Education.

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The Department of Youth Welfare aims to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge and skills related to activities, culture, and human rights as well as an integrated intervention of home, school, and society. It also provides students with systematic thinking and improved vision by pursuing the fusion complex and multidisciplinary approach.

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SCU's Department of Elderly Welfare was the first of its kind in Korea and continues to enjoy the highest student enrollment when compared with other online institutions. We are focused on providing a comprehensive approach to training professionals in this field by providing theoretical knowledge together with practical skills. This prepares students to deal effectively and compassionately with the physical, psychological, and social problems of the aged. The ultimate goal of this department is to equip men and women who will play a leading role in an increasingly aged society during the 21st century, and who can contribute to quality of life improvements for all senior citizens.