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Department Overview

The Department of Social Welfare and Services aims to nurture social work practitioners who possess a complete and mature understanding of contemporary society. As more people live longer and the birthrate continues to fall, demands upon the social welfare and services system are changing. We are responding to these trends by offering a wide range of basic and advanced social work courses which prepare our graduates to deal with complex needs in diverse human service settings. A variety of on-site experiences at welfare institutions and facilities supplements our academics, adding a practical, hands-on dimension. Furthermore, mechanisms have been established by which students share their experiences with and learn from each other.
Society is changing rapidly during the present age. We are committed to keeping up with this reality by developing new courses and field work opportunities as necessary.

Special Features & Benefits

Graduates from the department will be awarded a second-grade social work license by the Ministry of Health and Welfare as well as a qualification to apply for a first-grade social work license. They will be prepared to perform various professional functions in a wide range of settings, such as welfare service departments in central and regional governments; public and private social welfare agencies; and a variety of human resource development programs for the disabled, aged, youth, women, and various minority groups. Through our exchange programs with world-renowned schools in the field of social welfare, students will be able to acquire the most up-to-date knowledge and real-world experience via an internship abroad. Furthermore, by attending the activities of local study groups, students are also able to be easily connected with both classmates and alumni who already have an established career in the field of social welfare. The systematic approach employed in this academic program results in a very high rate of admission to graduate programs both domestically and abroad .

Career Opportunities upon Graduation

  • Social worker at both public and private social welfare institutions
  • Social welfare specialist at various social welfare centers
  • Operator of social welfare facility or institution
  • Researcher in the field of social welfare.