Elderly Welfare

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Department Overview

SCU's Department of Elderly Welfare was the first of its kind in Korea and continues to enjoy the highest student enrollment when compared with other online institutions. We are focused on providing a comprehensive approach to training professionals in this field by providing theoretical knowledge together with practical skills. This prepares students to deal effectively and compassionately with the physical, psychological, and social problems of the aged. The ultimate goal of this department is to equip men and women who will play a leading role in an increasingly aged society during the 21st century, and who can contribute to quality of life improvements for all senior citizens.

Special Features & Benefits

The department provides differentiated and specialized skills in the field of elderly care, including elderly care facilities and home care. Role playing helps students experience what it's like to be an older person. Training in horticulture for the elderly is also offered. Certified welfare specialists are nurtured through special programs after the required on-site work experience at nursing homes or a variety of other facilities where eldercare is provided.

Career Opportunities upon Graduation

  • Elderly welfare specialist at elderly welfare center, nursing home, sanatorium, and elderly education center
  • Entrepreneur or manager in the eldercare industry
  • Director (or CEO) of eldercare system
  • Researcher at academic or research facility upon completion of graduate study