Faculty of Psychology & Counseling

Psychology & CounselingMore

The Department of Counseling Psychology aims to prepare students for careers in professional counseling. Our graduates will possess all that is necessary to assist people struggling with various forms of psychological stress and conflict within human relationships. Emphasis is placed on broadening critical thinking skills and instilling a life-long commitment to personal and professional development.

Family CounselingMore

The Department of Family Counseling has as its primary goal the preparation of skilled counselors who are capable of providing meaningful services to modern families. Pursuit of a bachelor's degree in this field involves the acquisition of all that is necessary to assist in times of crisis and foster the wellbeing of the family unit. Additionally, the curriculum emphasizes obtaining specific certificates in the following areas: family counselor, family therapist, and juvenile counselor.

Military & Police CounselingMore

Recent years have witnessed an increased level of concern regarding problematic soldiers and those considered to be "seriously unfit" for military service. As a result, there has arisen a recognized need to provide specialized counseling services for and within the armed forces. Similar needs exist within the ranks of law enforcement agencies. In order to meet these specific demands, the Department of Military & Police Counseling has been created. Its offerings include courses which target the problems and issues that are unique to these institutions. Upon completion of designated courses, students are eligible for various counseling certificates.