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Department Overview

The Department of Counseling Psychology aims to prepare students for careers in professional counseling. Our graduates will possess all that is necessary to assist people struggling with various forms of psychological stress and conflict within human relationships. Emphasis is placed on broadening critical thinking skills and instilling a life-long commitment to personal and professional development.

Special Features & Benefits

Ours was the first online counseling psychology department in Korea. Its excellent faculty continues to be the largest of its kind in the country. By combining the Family Counseling and the Military & Police Counseling departments to form the School of Psychology & Counseling, our hope is to provide a more systematic and focused approach for those who aspire to be counseling professionals. Special certificate programs are also offered in adulthood counseling, certified counselor, childhood counseling, and specialist in counseling. The dual emphasis on academics and practical skills is maintained throughout.

Career Opportunities upon Graduation

  • 1) Counseling Psychology
  • adult counseling at welfare center
  • 2) Clinical Psychology
  • psychiatric clinic
  • mental health care center
  • 3) Play Therapy
  • centers for young children
  • art/music/reading therapist
  • counselor within the criminal justice system
  • acquisition of certificates in related fields
  • further study at the graduate level