Family Counseling

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Department Overview

The Department of Family Counseling has as its primary goal the preparation of skilled counselors who are capable of providing meaningful services to modern families. Pursuit of a bachelor's degree in this field involves the acquisition of all that is necessary to assist in times of crisis and foster the wellbeing of the family unit. Additionally, the curriculum emphasizes obtaining specific certificates in the following areas: family counselor, family therapist, and juvenile counselor.

Special Features & Benefits

The department was established in November, 2007 as the first of its kind among cyber universities in Korea. Courses such as Family Counseling Theory and Practice of Family Counseling equip students with a solid foundation for the attainment of success in this field. SCU stands at the forefront in offering this program; our students and those whom they serve will be the beneficiaries of this pioneering effort.

Career Opportunities upon Graduation

  • 1) Counseling Psychology
  • adult counseling at welfare center
  • 2) Clinical Psychology
  • psychiatric clinic
  • mental health care center
  • 3) Play Therapy
  • Counselor at family counseling center & juvenile counseling office
  • Counselor of family violence
  • Specialist in mental health and substance abuse services
  • Specialist in sexual assault and rape counseling services
  • Manager of special clinic for family counseling