Faculty of Social Science

Real Estate ManagementMore

The department aims to cultivate leaders in the field of real estate management who are prepared to succeed in a rapidly changing and diverse global society. It provides students with basic theories in various disciplines of social science such as economics, finance, legal sciences, urban planning and practical studies such as Development Planning & Management of Real Estate. Comprehensive and balanced curricula will furnish students with systematic knowledge and the capability to cope with situational variables.

Law & Public AdministrationMore

Combining Law and Public Administration studies, the department deals comprehensively with the theories and practices important to both fields. This is an approach as yet untried by other universities. Through detailed and comprehensive studies in legal sciences and public administration, our graduates will gain expertise in various issues related to political, economic, and social organizations. The department also enables students to prepare for the bar and other exams, as well as the acquisition of a variety of certificates in legal and public administration.

Healthcare AdministrationMore

The Department aims to nurture creative professionals in the field of healthcare administration in order to enhance the health of the general population and to contribute to the development of the healthcare system in Korea. It will give students the capabilities needed to deal with the new digital paradigm of healthcare and medical services in the 21st century. In order to better meet the demands of the rapidly changing u-health society, it provides students with a quality collegiate education which includes both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills that will qualify them for professional healthcare careers.