Healthcare Administration

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Department Overview

The Department aims to nurture creative professionals in the field of healthcare administration in order to enhance the health of the general population and to contribute to the development of the healthcare system in Korea. It will give students the capabilities needed to deal with the new digital paradigm of healthcare and medical services in the 21st century. In order to better meet the demands of the rapidly changing u-health society, it provides students with a quality collegiate education which includes both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills that will qualify them for professional healthcare careers.

Special Features & Benefits

With prestigious professors in healthcare administration, the Department offers a wide range of programs for provision of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. It includes public health programs in such areas as prevention, care service and health improvement; as well as medical service management in clinics and hospitals, covering human resources, finance, information, supplies, marketing, patient management and hospital operation in the u-health industry. The Department also equips students with the capability of performing medical care data collection, analysis, search, and utilization for high-quality service within the program of healthcare information management.

Career Opportunities upon Graduation

  • Healthcare Specialist at Government office
  • Officials of various public and private healthcare organizations
  • Healthcare researcher
  • Healthcare consultant
  • Healthcare businessperson
  • Government-issued certificates: Health Educator, Medical Records Specialist
    Private certificates: Medicare Specialist, Medical Insurance Planner, Medical Insurance Appraiser, Hospita
  • Manager (Government authorized), Medical Information Manager Further study at the graduate level