Faculty of Business & International Management

Business AdministrationMore

The department aims to nurture global business leaders who are capable of dealing with new business paradigms in a rapidly changing society. It provides students with a quality education in terms of both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, all of which will qualify them for professional business careers.

International Trade and LogisticsMore

Korea, a country heavily dependent on exports, cannot accomplish economic progress without trade. And, in the global market where management performance determines national competitiveness, more importance is being placed on trade and logistics. The department is committed to nurturing true professionals in the areas of trade and logistics, preparing them with the capability of adapting to global markets with a long- term perspective. It provides students with both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required in today's electronic trade, thus qualifying them for careers in the global marketplace.

Finance & InsuranceMore

The finance and insurance markets in Korea are currently undergoing major changes: capital market consolidation and globalization. The department aims to develop high-quality human resources in the areas of finance and insurance; people who are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills for success in this fast-changing world.