Faculty of Information Technology & Design

Computer EngineeringMore

The development of creative and innovative individuals with extensive IT skills is a prerequisite for any organization's success in the information age. For this reason, the department is committed to teaching core theories and practical skills involving today's computer hardware and software. It also provides practical on-site education that is adaptable to the wide variety of industrial settings where IT is employed. The department is committed to providing world-class training for Korea's information technology professionals.

Multimedia DesignMore

The department is committed to the development of creative professionals who are ahead of their time in the field of computer and multimedia design. To this end, it provides necessary basic theories of computer graphics in each of the topic areas as well as practical skills. Creativity enhancement and training in multi- media design serve as the two primary foci.

Culture & Contents TechnologyMore

With Internet penetration and competition in achieving market dominance of new technology, the new media content industries are expected to have strong growth potential. Along with this growth will come an increased demand for well trained professionals in the field of media, content, broadcasting and video production who will play a key role in this industry of the future. This new type of media has appeared alongside the convergence of broadcasting and (tele)-communication. In order to produce and distribute these new media contents, broad knowledge, covering from early planning to providing service is essential. This degree program is focused on training people with creative minds who can not only plan and develp new media content but also fit them in a One Source Multi Use environment through the various platforms.