Culture & Contents Technology

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Department Overview

As the future unfolds, a new cultural content combined creativity with sensibility is sure to flourish. Along with this growth will come an increased demand for well trained professionals equipped with creative planning, humanities, emotional storytelling, engineering in arts and cultural performances as well as IT fusion technology. The department executes liberal arts education on which a variety of studies can be combined and prepares tomorrow’s leaders in the field of digital media culture management which are believed to flourish the future of human beings.

Special Features & Benefits

  • Selected as a specialized university of industry and college cooperation by the Ministry of Education in 2012-2013
  • Blended Learning Education which allows students to work and study both
  • Operate Mentoring Sessions leading by leaders of knowledge basis society (System of Guidance Mentor and Clubs)
  • Run a Fusion Education System for cultivating tomorrow’s creative leaders
  • Foster professional directors of stage media and engineers in Performing Arts
  • Perform an Industry and College Curriculum Consulting for tomorrow’s fusion technology
  • Creative Humanities Education for MSMU(Multi Source Multi Use)
  • Operate a Curriculum Tutor System for helping a link to other major subjects
  • Construct a cluster of industry and college throughout nationwide campus

Career Opportunities upon Graduation

  • Creative Humanities Scholar, Contents Planning and Director, Storyteller, Writer in Broadcasting, PD
  • Director in Emotion Expression Area: Arts Director, Media Designer, Contents Director, Reality Performance Director
  • IT Fusion Engineer : S/W Design and Fusion Engineer