Culture & Arts Management

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Department Overview

As the future unfolds, businesses involved with culture and the arts are sure to flourish. Along with this growth will come an increased demand for well trained professionals equipped with creativity and first-rate management skills. In anticipation of these trends, this degree program is designed to prepare tomorrow's leaders in the field of arts and culture management.

Special Features & Benefits

  • To facilitate the cultivation of talented personnel with creative thinking skills and leadership, the program provides students with the opportunity to:
  • do cross-disciplinary theoretical and practical training related to the management and governance of arts and cultural organizations, and/or the business dimensions of an entrepreneurial artistic career
  • examine trends and global challenges
  • combine coursework and exposure to conceptual underpinnings of the field with practical skills and 'hands-on' experience refine communication, collaboration and conflict management skills.

Career Opportunities upon Graduation

Performing Arts Planning & Management, Performing Arts Marketing & Publicity, Arts Administration & Cultural Policy, Theater Management, Art Exhibition Planning, Management of Art Organization, Education of Arts and Culture, Planning of Cultural Event, Cultural Environment Planning, Arts Community Management, Cultural Tourism, Cultural City Planning.