Social Welfare

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Department Overview

The Department of Social Welfare aims to nurture social work experts who possess the practical ability to prevent and respond a wide range of social issues coming along with the future Aging Society. We are responding to these trends by offering a wide range of basic and advanced social work courses which prepare our graduates to deal with complex needs in diverse human service settings. A variety of on-site experiences at welfare institutions and facilities supplements our academics, adding a practical, hands-on dimension. Furthermore, multidisciplinary curriculums have been established by policy experts, researchers, organization and consultants, and professional practitioners.

Special Features & Benefits

  • 1. A variety of on-site experiences at welfare institutions and facilities
  • strengthen competence in responding the trends of contemporary society
  • Explore new visions and plan for countermeasure research
  • 2. Classified curriculum concerning student level
  • A wide variety of curriculum
  • Optimally customized curriculum for students' interest and carrier path
  • Practice-oriented classes which build up competencies for future career at welfare institutions
  • 3. Established Consortium with associated institutions in the field of social welfare
  • Partnership with domestic and foreign schools, institutions, groups
  • Exchange programs in contents and human resources
  • High rate of success in being hired

Career Opportunities upon Graduation

  • Operator of non-profit organization, social enterprise, welfare facility or institution
  • Social welfare specialist at various welfare centers such as housing, education, welfare, health, labor, healthcare
  • Admission to the public programs and research lab at social welfare