Counseling Psychology

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Department Overview

The Department of Counseling Psychology aims to prepare students for careers in professional counseling so that they contribute to sustainable development. For the purpose to achieve, the department has been nurturing graduates with creative counseling skills who possess all that is necessary to assist people struggling with various forms of psychological stress and conflict within human relationships along with specialized education goals of generating professional counselor in a society of low birthrate and high aging. Special programs (TRACK) are also producing outstanding counseling professionals in both all-around and corresponding fields.

Special Features & Benefits

  • 1. Outstanding Faculty with extensive educational experience and research experience
  • 2. Differentiated and specialized curriculum for prospective professional counselors
  • 3. Internship at SCU counseling clinic and networks to nationwide counseling centers
  • 4. Teaches from world-renown professors and global competence from exchange programs

Career Opportunities upon Graduation

  • Youth, Elderly, and Family Counseling and Therapy Area: child and youth counseling center, family counseling center, multi-culture family institutions, Elderly Care Facility
  • Professional counseling and therapy area for crisis management: divorce counseling, domestic violence counseling for perpetrators and victims, counseling for sexual violence victims, sexual violence counseling (ex. Sunflower center), juvenile delinquents counseling (ex. Youth Detention Center), suicide prevention counseling (ex. Therapeutic hospital) and counseling for army or police officers, emergency medical services, disaster control towers.
  • Integrated Counseling and Therapy Area: general counseling center, mental health center, social welfare center, psychiatric hospital, research lab for student activity field, school counseling