SCU Learning WAVE

WAVE refers to the rise and fall of the water or a movement from side to side in a dictionary definition.

Escaping from the traditional way of taking a class in online, SCU creates the new concept of e-learning in which users broadens the classroom out of time and space limits and work more effectively. We wish the concept of SCU Learning WAVE makes a movement and can be spread like a “WAVE”.

Then, let’s talk about the strengths of SCU Learning WAVE.

01.Balance of Education and IT skills

In the topic, "Is Course Content all about e-Learning?" I explained about the mechanism of real learning. For the real learning to happen in e-Learning, learners are necessary to be provided with appropriate combination of content and activity. To take an example of classroom, teaching and learning, and discussion and team works are all happening in a real time. How to make all those teaching learning in the classroom happen accordingly in online base? SCU Learning AVE makes it happen by collaborating learning tools to use e-learning contents easily.

02.Diverse Learning Tools

WAVE page has such categories as discussion, assignment, survey, team project, and Q&A. That’s not all, however. On discussion tab, there are several menus such as pros and cons, topics, team debates, and so on. Other LMS with a discussion board only can’t make it to support such diverse activities. On the contrary, WAVE can support all the possible learning activities. If you are a leader of your team, in addition, you are able to create a forum as you want and make use of it to team activities.

03.Learner-oriented Interface

Unlike other contents, WAVE’s content is flexible and easy to use. You can customize it as you like such as color, position, size, subtitle, and so on. With RIA (Rich Internet Application) technology, SCU offers speedy customized education service. In addition to these strengths, WAVE is useful in diverse implication of teaching and learning model, application of Common Cartridge, cost and time reduction for development & maintenance, and improvement of e-learning content productivity. Furthermore, WAVE will continue to develop as a greater e-learning system than any other systems in the world with your concern and love.