ACU Project

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CLMV Intensive Training

Purpose Content Development Training (CDT) is designed to lecture a basic training course but also an intensive course for giving shape to their practical use and to give a chance to exercise collaborative simulation training for a team of 'SME+ID+CD'
Date, Time, Place 2 weeks from August 2011 in Korea, 2 weeks from November 2013 in Vietnam, 4 days on September and November 2013 in CLMV
Target SME ID CD
Common Course Communication Skills
Introductive Course Research Information and Telecommunications echnology Education Collaboration and Design for
the basic layout of the course
PM/ Co-work
Intensive Course How to Write Scripts Write Story Board Utilization of Captivate
Design for Lecture
Results Participants became to have better understanding of their role. After the training session, each participant made it to develop the content of five courses such as Principles of Economics, which are still in use.

TIMP Workshop

Purpose - Share and analyze e-Learning models and case studies in higher education institutions of ASEAN
- Develop a supportive relationship between higher education institutions of ASEAN and Korea.
- Consider a way to improve the quality of higher education in ASEAN through the future ACU projects
Date, Time, Place September 17-19, 2014, Seoul Cyber University, Korea
Attendee About 40 of experts invited by ASEAN countries as Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the
Philippines and Korea
Results - Network is formed among experts from each country
- Sharing experiences and making case-study book (in progress)

e-Learning Proliferation Business

Purpose Promote the proliferation of e-Learning education in each country
Date, Time, Place July 30th-31st, 2014, University of Technology, Myanmar
Attendee - UT Representatives : 32
- Local staffs, Administration office: 7, Expert: 1
Results - Changed awareness of e-Learning education inthe conference for the faculties from niversities in Myanmar nationwide and made them motivated to cooperate with ACU
- Constructed higher education network for e-Learning system based on UT
- Conducted a survey to find out the needs of e-Learning by the faculties of the universities in Myanmar
- Communed with the need of the following workshop (by themselves)