- Led an e-learning system training program with participants of Qualification Improvement Center from Republic of Kazakhstan from 11th to 15th, taking the initiative in exporting e-learning education.


- Field trip of individuals from all over the world including ICT international symposium participants to SCU


As e-learning skills and contents of Korea are becoming popular in the world, domestic e-learning systems are beginning to sell out to the world. SCU (www.iscu.ac.kr, President In Kang) has been taking a lead to teach the superiority of e-learning contents to those nations in need.
From December 11 to 15, employees of Qualification Improvement Center from Republic of Kazakhstan and 32 from the Ministry of Education were visiting SCU and learned about the e-learning system we proudly represent. This training program was designed to convert the one-sided analog education into an interactive digital e-learning education system.


(photo) Karayev Zhaumbai, the first-vice president of Qualification Improvement Center of Kazakhstan, and her trainees with SCU staffs at SCU
Participants were able to study the advanced e-learning system of SCU and earn firsthand experience in state-of-the-art Studio, International Conference Hall, Video Classroom, and U campus which helps students do their academics everywhere and in anytime. Furthermore, there are more people coming on 13th from ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Symposium participants to see the field of information-oriented education of Korea.
Our university has been playing a pivotal role in Korea-ASEAN Cyber University Establishment Project since December 2011 when SCU was selected by the Ministry of Education as an implementing institute of the project. It proves SCU’s qualifications of running ASEAN Cyber University with experiences of operating e-learning system in Korea. Since then, officials from each country including Cambodia and Vietnam were starting to visit us and had a number of times for training. Top-rated cyber university in comprehensive evaluation of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, SCU is known as one of the best cyber university in its e-learning resources and infrastructure. For the first time in domestic colleges, we joined IMS(Instructional Management System) Global Learning Consortium and strived to develop a Korean Educational Content Module which enhances participations and activities in classroom. As a result, we finally succeeded in developing SCU Learning WAVE, which is the first next-generation e-learning system in Korea.

The WAVE system supports effective learning in classroom by assisting multi-educational tools such as external Web apps and social network services like Twitter or Facebook, and it is also easy to put e-learning resources and learning tools together or apart. Furthermore, it assists a tutor-student or student-student communications so that they can interact more than ever. Several resources used by the WAVE system are also recyclable so it is considered a future-oriented method of education.


SCU has been awarded the Silver medal in IMS Learning Impact Award 2011, the first international e-learning competition, and acquired several domestic patents, which are a fact that proves its competitiveness in e-learning education business. According to Kyoung-mok Yoon, a head of academy and industry cooperation office and professor of computer information and telecommunications, there are increasing demands from foreign government bodies and universities who want to learn the quality system of e-learning, specially for e-learning contents and infrastructure.