Selected for two years in a row with the highest rates in the competition of on- and off- domestic colleges

- “Educational Korean Wave” on 10 members of ASEAN including Vietnam
- Pivotal Role in the project
- Strong Faculty and Solid Contents


In 2013, the Ministry of Education announced that representing Korea Seoul Cyber University (, President In Kang) was selected as an implementing institute for ASEAN Cyber University Establishment Project. This implied SCU’s strong faculty and solid curriculum are competitive internationally, prospecting for a future hub university which drives “Educational Korean Wave” to Asia.


ASEAN Cyber University is a global cyber university from ten ASEAN countries and also the first united university between nations in which anyone in the nation can study online to earn credits. It was initiated by a series of Korea-ASEAN Summits held in 2009 and expected to be established after 2015.


ACU Project has been propelled since 2011, and until last year Korea government finished the transferring of e-learning operation skills, policy, content development and other practical tips to the four countries including Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam. And it is expected to expand its membership to such nations as Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia. The main purpose of this Project is to contribute to reinforcing higher education in ASEAN region by means of e-learning skills. It is also educational ODA business for strengthening international relationships between Korea and ASEAN members. As a major partner university of the project again in 2013, SCU is believed to take the lead of delivering the advanced skills to the members. Our university has been already acknowledged as one of the best for the know-how and experience in online contents and infrastructure.


As a regular member of IMS(Instructional Management System) Global Learning Consortium for the first time in domestic universities, we focused on developing Korean Educational Content Module. As a result, we have developed the first next-generation e-learning system, so called SCU Learning WAVE(hereinafter WAVE). WAVE system has been considered a future-oriented teaching method because it makes reciprocal communications between a teacher and students and also among students realizable so that active participations with discussions can happen in online class too.


Winning the Silver medal in the IMS Learning Impact Award 2011 and obtaining a patent are proving SCU’s competitiveness in e-learning education. President In Kang said that ACU project would be an opportunity to tell the world the superiority of the national e-learning services, and also said we wouldn’t spare any supports to help ACU established with our ten-year experiences and resources.