- SCU became a member of United Nations Academy Impact, aka UNAI. UNAI is a global initiative that aligns institutions of higher education with the United Nations. With UNAI, SCU aims to generate a global movement to promote e-learning training and capabilities to higher education system for a developing country and also promote a culture sharing with nations.
The United Nations Academic Impact (hereinafter UNAI) is a United Nations initiative program to align institutions of higher education including about 1,000 universities in 120 nations on the purpose of supporting the realization of the Millennium Development Goals focusing on providing equal opportunities for higher education and building strengths to higher education system and management skills. Currently, there are 55 local universities in its membership.
Since establishment, SCU has been performing a variety of training programs to transfer the e-learning operating skills to technicians from developing countries. In 2011, especially, SCU was selected as a host university of ASEAN Cyber University Project and has carried out all the duties of enhancing management skills of higher education system in developing countries by assisting e-learning operation and sharing contents with member universities. Joining this UNAI membership, SCU will be also interested in three sets of UN projects on Peace, Development, and Human Rights and starting to promote a variety of activities such as eliminating poverty and education disparities in needed countries. Accordingly, SCU will develop e-learning courses related to UNAI programs taking care of global issues, international development assistance, overseas volunteering so that students can grow as a global citizen.


President In Kang said signing in UNAI means SCU’s volition to give people a better chance to learn a good education by transferring our skills and systems to developing countries which have not yet developed a learning environment. She also said that we would continue to expand our resources to grow as a globally renowned cyber university by taking advantage of cyber education which has no boundary and focusing on practice-oriented education such as UNAI programs and cultural exchange programs..