- SCU first achieved TL-9000 requirements as an educational organization for constructing quality educational program infrastructure

- Also achieved two ISO (The International Organization for Standardization known as ISO) standards, proving its quality management to deliver a more reliable and consistent service
SCU has acquired TL-9000 requirements for the first time of educational organizations accredited by the International Organization for Standardization, known as ISO. TL-9000 is only given to those organizations currently meeting the requirements of 80 quality standards in Information and Commutations Industry. In such, the first certification of educational institutions implies much. TL-9000 was designed specifically for the telecommunications industry, and there are about 400 local firms which owned it.

SCU has also achieved the two ISO standards: 1) ISO 9001 for Educational Contents Development and Online Education Service 2) ISO 14001 for Construction and Management of environmentally intelligent Campus, which is acquired first among cyber universities.
They are accredited by International Certification Registrar, aka ICR, which is a certification body for management system registered with ANAB, US accreditation body. ICR is also an organization registered by RAB-QSA which is an accrediting body for ISO 9001/14001 in the States and Australia.
In addition to these three achievements, SCU already obtained ISO 27001 on last April. ISO 27001 is an information security standard given to an organization which meets the standard of a total of 11 areas concerning political, managerial, and technical security risks with 133 detail sub-items. After meeting all the strict requirements, certification is approved. In such, it is regarded as one of the most honorable certifications in Information Security.
President In Kang said these achievements are of great significance in that they refer to an objective evaluation on the superiority of SCU’s operating system and educational service quality and, on the other hand, they are made out of all of our employees’ and students’ efforts. She also said that SCU would continue to serve as a role model the educational organizations by sustaining the eco-friendly management and providing the best quality of educational service.