Certificate (SCU Continuing Education Center)


In the 21st Century, so called digital era, rapid changes of knowledge, network, and openness are happening thru the high-speed networking. To either accept the changes and take a lead or lag behind is entirely our own choice since the real world continues to develop and individuals cannot get away with it.

The impact of the digital revolution on our society has been so huge that it goes beyond our imagination – the shift has been made to the first mover from the slower. Now that fix a little thing of yesterdays for small improvement doesn’t work anymore. We are required to think out of box and start up a new thing. Just doing better is not enough; challenge we need is to break the ordinary and recreate it, so called creative breakup.

Creative breakup can depend on Online Continuing Education through which individuals can choose and focus on developing themselves regardless of where they are and what time it would be. So it is a developing tool that creates and share knowledge, which making a change after all. This is it to develop competent human resources who will care for the world without huge expenditure on infrastructure.

Knowledge is such a light which has no shape and weight that it enlightens all the lives in the world. Imagine that fresh knowledge can spread throughout the world within a second and meet another and turn into more creative one. Now a virtual world is a part of our lives in whose space we are living and adding greater values than other elements of production.

Therefore, SCU has come to establish a Cyber Continuing Education Center in order to cultivate well-trained professionals of great creativity who will contribute to their home, work, or local community and also enrich themselves.


SCU is the best cyber university with a state-of-the-art digital system and a strong educational infrastructure and also a cozy cyber place which you would make use of with the one closest to you. Based on the educational philosophy of SCU, the Center aims to provide Continuing Education to prepare lifelong career era, Balanced Education of practice and study, and Consumer-driven Education to train human resourcefully. The Center will endeavor to achieve these goals by practicing "Advanced technology," "Usefulness," and "Humanization."

1. In the perspective of consumer-centered education, we will do our best to find and meet the needs of a student

2. We will do our best to provide the advanced educational service technology as well as develop high quality online programs

3. Through the diversification of its educational system and curriculum, we will invigorate a cultural and liberal
education by which a student makes himself enriched

4. Through diverse training programs such as professional education course, certificate guidance education, and professional training program, we will do our best to have a student to connect to the field.

5. Providing practical educational service, we will help a student from all walks of life to have a vibrant and self-motivating education.